Dramatic Shower Space

Wall Panel Ideas Gallery - Palisade Waterproof, Grout-Free Tile in Hermitage GRanite

Dramatic Shower Space

This tile option not only makes a powerful statement, but is also a practical choice. The Hermitage Granite finish is bold and sophisticated, waterproof, grout-free and easy-to-install – a perfect choice for any bathroom space!

Key Features

  • Interlocking edges
  • Glues onto almost any surface
  • No grout needed
  • Waterproof (with silicone applied)
  • Scratch & UV resistant
  • Easy to clean

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Waterproof, Grout-Free Wall Panels Cost Less and are Easy to Install

Palisade wall tiles are available in a variety of colors and patterns to beautifully match any design aesthetic. Whether used as an accent wall, or to cover whole rooms, Palisade waterproof, grout-free wall tiles are the stylish, functional choice for any space.

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