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Your Design Style is: Eclectic

If you’re eclectic at heart, you crave high-energy spaces. Bringing together meaningful pieces of old and new to create a culture rich interior is what makes this design style unique. Instead of thinking of your interior space as ‘anything goes’, consider attempting to balance color and texture to avoid spaces that are too busy or distracting. To pull off this design style, you must have a great eye for what works well together, so don’t be afraid to experiment and play!

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Bohemian Design Style

If these design principles don’t fully resonate with you, your design preferences may fall into the following style:


Like Eclectic style, Bohemian design gets its inspiration from a culmination of old and new finds and furnishings. Bohemian style cranks it up a notch by incorporating jewel tones, beaded trinkets, glamorous crystal and glass treasures and other exotic finds. The bohemian style is about combining unique, well-loved objects that look like they were sourced from a far away location, so materials and furniture should look like they’ve experienced adventures before entering your home!

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