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With just a little bit of elbow grease, you can give your room a complete transformation in just a few hours. Little to no experience is required for these wall panel projects, so skip the expensive contractors!

With our help, you’ll choose the perfect project for your budget and space.

Looking for Inspiration?

If you’ve just begun your journey into the world of DIY wall panel, you’ve come to the right place! Our all-inclusive gallery showcases just about every type of wall panel for every application, style and budget. Take the first step and browse our Wall Panel Gallery for inspiration for your space.

Have a Space in Mind?

Bathroom, basement, dining room, accent wall? You know which space but not sure where to go from here. Our guide will walk you through the best materials and most popular styles and applications that are perfect for your unique space!

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Need to figure out how far you can stretch your dollar? We’ll break down the cost for you on all types of wall panel material. Visit our Material Cost Guide and easily weigh your options, stick to your budget and avoid unforseen expenses.

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Is your vibe modern and contemporary, traditional, rustic or eclectic? Whatever your preferences, there’s a style that fits your personality. Take our Style Quiz now and discover your decorating identity!

Dramatic Shower Space

Laundry Room With a Retro Vibe

Spectacularly Robust

Clean and Crisp

Simply Practical Elegance

Contemporary, Mid-Century Blend

Cool & Neutral

Homespun Comfort

Bright and Airy Retreat

Crackled Accents

Contemporary Texture

Textured Dining Space

Damask-Like Texture

Patina Appeal

Calming Magnificence

Modern Office Escape

Primitive Meets Modern

Playful Sophistication

Dramatic Contrast

Naturally Inviting

Wall Panel Ideas Gallery - Fasade Diamond Plate in Brushed Aluminum

Faux Flashing

Naturally Charming

Wall Panel Ideas Gallery - Palisade's Venetian Marble

Old World Charm

Hypnotic Relaxation Zone

Mediterranean Intrigue

Intriguing Entryway

Traditional Meets Modern

Fresh & Natural Washroom

Wall Panel Ideas Gallery - Fasade Diamond Plate in Brushed Aluminum

Splendid Play Zone

Cozy Essentials

Refreshing Sitting Space

Not Quite White

Sensational Space

Handy Work Zone

Impressive Shower Space

Cheerfully Exquisite Detail

Rich, Bold & Elegant

Wall Panel Ideas Gallery - Rustic Grove Reclaimed Wood Planks in Mixed Brown

Tempting Reading Nook

Delightful Functionality

Stylishly Practical Laundry Room

Wall Panel Ideas Gallery - Fasade Hammered in Antique Bronze

Fantastic Marriage of Mediums

Sleek Slumber Space

Rain Drops on Water

Subtly Accented Niche

Vintage Laundry Space

Classically Modern Bath

Stunning Laundry Space

Whimsical, Modern Fusion

Wall Panel Ideas Gallery - Palisade Oak Moccha Wall Plank

Functionally Rustic

Soothing, Serene Resting Place

Stylish Soak

Soft and Inviting

Fantastically Stylish Space