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Considering an Easy, DIY Wall Makeover?


Transform Your Room in an Afternoon!

With just a little bit of elbow grease, you can give your room a complete transformation in just a few hours. Little to no experience is required for these wall panel projects, so skip the expensive contractors!

With our help, you’ll choose the perfect project for your budget and space.

Looking for Inspiration?

If you’ve just begun your journey into the world of DIY wall panel, you’ve come to the right place! Our all-inclusive gallery showcases just about every type of wall panel for every application, style and budget. Take the first step and browse our Wall Panel Gallery for inspiration for your space.

Have a Budget in Mind?

Need to figure out how far you can stretch your dollar? We’ll break down the cost for you on all types of wall panel material. Visit our Material Cost Guide and easily weigh your options, stick to your budget and avoid unforseen expenses.

Have a Space in Mind?

Bathroom, basement, dining room, accent wall? You know which space but not sure where to go from here. Our guide will walk you through the best materials and most popular styles and applications that are perfect for your unique space!

What’s Your Style?

Is your vibe modern and contemporary, classic and traditional, coastal or eclectic? Whatever your preferences, there’s a style that fits your personality. Take our Style Quiz now and discover your decorating identity!