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Your Design Style is: Traditional

You crave the ornate! Your interior design preference is inspired by the 18th-19th century English and French décor. As a traditional design enthusiast, you like dark wood furnishings that are ornately detailed and upholstered in expensive materials like silk and velvet. Florals, stripes and damasks are patterns that speak to you. Throw in a glamorous crystal chandelier, a couple floral arrangements and a Monét and you feel right at home!

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Transitional Design Style

Shabby Chiq Design Style

If these design principles don’t fully resonate with you, your design preferences may fall into the following style:


Transitional is often referred to as the “happy medium of design styles”. This is your style if you like traditional design, but don’t like the stuffiness that goes along with it. Like traditional design, transitional décor lets the furnishings and textiles take center stage. One of the distinctions between the two styles is that unlike traditional, transitional design mixes both masculine and feminine elements together to make the room aesthetically pleasing. Instead of accessorizing with large floral arrangements and ornately framed artwork, use area rugs, pillows and blankets to make this look come to life!

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Shabby Chiq

Like traditional design, Shabby Chiq décor has an undeniably soft and feminine vibe. Although both styles draw their inspiration from vintage English and French design, Shabby Chiq furnishings are often painted in a light color and distressed, having the appearance of being passed down through generations. Adding elegant accessories give the cozy space lots of character.

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