Material Cost Guide

How much will my DIY wall panel project cost?

There are a wide range of wall panel applications and materials which vary in price. We’ve broken down the cost of some of the most popular DIY wall panel material for you. Please check our Area Design Guide to see which wall panels will work best in your unique space.

Cost Comparison

Board and Batten

This coffered look is achieved by affixing narrow strips of wood to the joints of wide boards which give this paneling a warm, layed look. Board and Batten paneling can be installed either horizontally or vertically, depending on the application and space.

Calculating measurements for this project are critical. We recommend choosing pre-fabricated panels if you’re a DIY beginner.

Expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $20 per square foot for this project.

Waterproof, grout-free wall tiles

Waterproof, grout-free tiles are both an affordable and functional choice for any space. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns to beautifully match any design aesthetic.

Waterproof, grout-free wall planks

These wall planks combine the look and feel of wood planks with the same functionality of waterproof, grout-free wall tiles. They are the perfect way to add an earth tone or rustic touch to any room.

Because neither grout nor tile cutters are needed, waterproof, grout-free wall tiles and planks install in half the time of grouted wall tile. They glue onto almost any surface, making them easy to install. Additionally, they’re scratch and UV resistant and easy to clean.

Expect to pay $3.90 per square foot. These tiles and planks are part of the Palisade brand of waterproof, grout-free tile products.


This trendy, rustic wall covering has gained notoriety by being showcased on some of the most popular home DIY television shows. Shiplap adds interest and nostalgia to your interior walls – either as a wainscoting application or as an accent wall.

Shiplap is easy to install, stain or paint, which makes it a great DIY project. Use a sealant if applying to a wet or humid area.

Expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $6 per square foot for pine panels. Other materials are more expensive.

Vinyl Gypsum

Vinyl Gypsum is the preferred interior wall panel among builders of mobile and manufactured homes. It’s both a practical and durable solution, and is fast and easy to install.

Vinyl Gypsum walls have seams, so applying batten strips is a must. Make sure you have enough on hand to finish your project since colors and styles become discontinued. Vinyl Gypsum is difficult to remove once installed, so make sure this is the right long-term solution for you.

Expect to pay $1.62 to $2.04 per square foot.


The vintage look of Beadboard panels is hard to match. Beadboard panels are crafted with a wood and resin mixture that coalesces to the wall surface when subjected to pressure. Most beadboard panels come in ready-to-paint sheets that can be installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the look you seek.

Beadboard paneling installation isn’t a one-person job. Make sure you have some help on hand!

Depending on the quality of beadboard, expect to pay between $7 and $40 per square foot.

Decorative Thermoplastic Panels

A great alternative to wallpaper and other wall coverings, Decorative Thermoplastic Panels are a cost effective option that delivers plenty of drama. Decorative Thermoplastic Panels are available in numerous styles and colors, presenting endless options for your space. The matte finish panels can be painted to go with any room and decor.

Decorative Thermoplastic panels are easy to install, resist corrosion and stand up to moisture.

Expect to pay $3.56 per square foot. These wall panels are part of the Fasade brand of decorative thermoplastic panels.

Wood & Cork Panels

Adding Wood or Cork Panels are an easy solution yielding great results! These are perfect products to create focal points or for use in small areas. Arrange the panels or planks vertically, horizontally or create a herringbone pattern – your options are endless!

Panels and planks can be mounted directly to drywall with Loctite® PL Premium tube adhesive and finishing nails. Wood and Cork is best for areas not exposed to extreme temperatures.

Expect to pay $9.26 per square foot. These wall planks are part of the Rustic Grove brand of Cork and 3D Wall panels and reclaimed wood planks.